Star Wars Fans Flip Out When John Boyega Says He Will Do Podcast Interviews


Star Wars fans flipped out yesterday when John Boyega, who plays Finn in The Force Awakens, announced he was adding podcast interviews to his Episode VIII press tour.

Star Wars fans went wild yesterday, after John Boyega tweeted he would be adding podcast interviews to his Episode VIII press tour next year.

Instantly, every single Star Wars-themed or related podcast on the internet flooded Boyega’s replies with an invitation to appear on their series. Whether the podcast was big or small, famous or obscure, no one wanted to miss out on this opportunity to have Finn himself recording with them.

These days, there are countless Star Wars podcast series out there. Most of them act as discussion outlets for fans, and a rare number report news and spoilers from sources within Star Wars production. Due to the fact only a handful of podcasts are high-profile, celebrity guests for the majority of the podcasts have been limited to Lucasfilm employees, and sometimes voice actors.

To my knowledge, no Star Wars or entertainment genre podcast has been able to catch a Star Wars celebrity as high on the stardom totem pole as John Boyega. That, however, may change next year when the Episode VIII press tour begins.

After the initial pandemonium caused by his first tweet, Boyega tweeted he had singled out some podcasts to guest star on.

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Before you begin to jump for joy for some of your favorite amateur podcast shows, here’s the thing: Boyega is probably not going to record on a random podcast run by people who are just Star Wars fans and not journalists or professional podcasters. The host(s) has to be able to conduct him or herself professionally. There’s no guarantee a normal fan will be able to talk to Boyega without squeeing or laughing or just staying silent and giving him no one to talk to. Boyega and his publicity agent are probably looking for podcasts which, as he said in the above tweet, are already established and have a good track record. The Nerdist, for example, would be a good contender, because it is a podcast run by a professional website and hosts used to interviewing celebrities.

Still, I guess there’s no harm in bombarding Boyega with requests to come on your podcast… is there?

Did I mention we have a podcast?

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