Star Wars: Episode VIII Teaser Trailer Rumored To Premiere December 20th


A list of trailer premiere dates for upcoming movies includes a date for a Star Wars: Episode VIII trailer.

Reddit has stumbled upon a potential premiere date of the first teaser trailer for Star Wars: Episode VIII.

An Instagram account called justiceleaguex posted a photo of a list of trailer premiere dates. That  photo was then shared in the StarWarsLeaks category of Reddit. Justiceleaguex posted the list because of its dates related to the film Justice League, but the list also includes a date for an Episode VIII teaser trailer.

Check out the Instagram post of interest below.

"Rumored episode 8 trailer date from StarWarsLeaks"

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If this list is accurate, the earliest we will see a trailer for Episode VIII in theaters is December 20th, 2016. The date is curious, because it is four days after the theater premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. If it was going to be released that close to Rogue One, I would have expected the first Episode VIII trailer to debut with Rogue One and not after the standalone Star Wars film has already hit theaters. But then, Disney may not want to distract audiences from the hype of Rogue One with a trailer for Episode VIII. (Luke Skywalker staring broodingly at the camera can be pretty distracting.)

There is one other thing besides a date we learned from the list. The Instagram user who posted the list writes in the caption, “Justice League Trailer #1 can be released December 27, 2016!” Note he or she wrote, “can be released.”

I believe what we are looking at is a list made for movie theaters, telling them the earliest date they can release specific movie trailers. Using this logic, December 20th is the earliest an Episode VIII teaser trailer can be shown in theaters. The trailer could premiere online much earlier, perhaps on December 16th when Rogue One is entering theaters.

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Unfortunately, we can neither confirm nor deny the list’s legitimacy, which means all this speculation could be for naught. At this point, however, it is the best theory we have. Until the  premiere date of December 20th is proven to be inaccurate, it is safe to look to December as the month in which we will get our first glimpse at post-production footage of Star Wars: Episode VIII.