Watch: Star Wars Fan Hilariously Tears Apart The Rey Skywalker Theory


The Star Wars fan who came up with BB-8 Gate is back again with a video that hilariously tears apart the “Rey is a Skywalker” theory.

Jenny Nicholson is well on her way to becoming a YouTube comedy star. In only two videos, she has perfected the art of Star Wars: Episode VIII theory-crafting (or in this case, theory debunking) beneath a veneer of dead pans and ridiculous speculation that can only be called “hilarious.”

In her first Episode VIII speculation video, Jenny advocated somewhat seriously, but mostly tongue-in-cheek, that BB-8 is the real main character of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Last week, she returned to YouTube, this time with the sole purpose of tearing apart the popular theory that Rey is the daughter of Luke Skywalker.

The way Jenny picks apart the Rey Skywalker theory joke by joke is probably the most positive letdown for Luke not having a daughter you will ever get. To prepare yourself for Rey not being Luke’s offspring, watch the video below, which imagines what it will be like if Luke tells Rey he is her father in Episode VIII.

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After you stop laughing, you realize Jenny has made some important points. There are a lot of reasons why Luke abandoning Rey on Jakku doesn’t make sense. Luke couldn’t possibly think Rey would have a safer childhood on a lawless junkyard planet than she would with him or her aunt Leia. He also has no reason to leave her there for 15+ years without making any attempt to contact her or pick her up. If he is her father, Jenny’s video shows he’s pretty much the worst father ever in Star Wars, on par with his own father, Darth Vader. Which is pretty bad.

The only way Rey being Luke’s daughter makes sense in the context of The Force Awakens is if Rey was taken from Luke and dropped off on Jakku by someone else. Consequently, Luke may think she’s dead. Alternatively, he may have spent years looking for her, only to realize he had neglected his nephew in the process and created a bigger problem.

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The Rey Skywalker theory can work, but it will have to be explained in Episode VIII or IX in a different way than everyone is thinking: that Luke left Rey on Jakku to keep her safe from something (her powers, the dark side, what have you). Jenny’s video proves, albeit sarcastically, the latter just doesn’t make sense.