New Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Promo Shows Hera Captured By Thrawn


A new promo for Star Wars Rebels season 3, premiering September 24th on Disney XD, shows Hera Syndulla captured by Grand Admiral Thrawn.

As we draw closer to the premiere of Star Wars Rebels season 3 on September 24th, Lucasfilm and Disney are out to make us worried for the lives of our heroes.

In Disney XD’s latest promo for the new season, it’s clear the new villain in town, Grand Admiral Thrawn, is not messing around. And we know for certain at least one member of The Ghost crew ends up in his clutches.

Watch the promo below.

Given his line, “The rebels have friends always rushing to the rescue,” it sounds like Thrawn is using Hera as bait to catch the rest of the rebels. It’s a smart move, especially considering what we know of the Ghost crew in particular. They act as a family unit, with Hera as the mother or big sister figure. They won’t sit around while she is being held by the Empire.

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It also looks like Thrawn is going to get violent, even with his own Imperial officers. The tenacity of the old Thrawn from the Legends Heir to the Empire book trilogy is a bit fuzzy in my memory, but there’s no doubt the new one means business. I only hope he sticks around for more than a few Rebels installments; creepy and evil as he obviously is from this new promo, Thrawn is my favorite Legends character and I would hate to see him defeated by the rebels in only a couple of episodes.

A couple of other noteworthy moments from the trailer were: Darth Maul getting the same green glowy-eyed look Kanan Jarrus got in the full-length season 3 trailer from Star Wars Celebration; Mandalorians; and a blind Kanan wielding his lightsaber alongside his Padawan. There’s so much great stuff to look forward to – the story, the characters, the new places and ships – the premiere can’t get here fast enough.

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Catch the premiere of Star Wars Rebels season 3 on September 24th on Disney XD.