Watch: A Star Wars Cosplayer’s Tutorial On How To Make An Ahsoka Tano Headpiece


Watch: Star Wars fan and cosplayer Jedimanda from YouTube made a video tutorial for how to make your own Ahsoka Tano headpiece.

Geek girl and cosplayer Jedimanda of YouTube and Twitter has made some amazing Star Wars costume. Her most impressive cosplay by far is her Ahsoka Tano for which she handmade an entire headpiece to look like the Togruta’s lekku.

Check out the six-minute tutorial below.

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The version of Ahsoka Jedimanda took inspiration from was her adult self, which  debuted in the season one finale of Star Wars Rebels. There are a lot of changes from Ahsoka’s design in The Clone Wars to the one in Rebels. The most noticeable difference in her look is the jagged tiger-like stripes on her lekku. If it’s this look you prefer for your cosplay, you don’t want to miss Jedimanda’s tutorial.

Jedimanda used only a few supplies, and her process looks simple if time-consuming. First, she drew a pattern of the different parts of the headpiece on newspaper and cut foam from a sewing store to the shape of the pattern. She sewed the separate foam pieces together to make the form of the headpiece, and then covered the entire piece with spandex. Jedimanda then coated the form with latex, followed by a layer of white acrylic paint. Finally, she used blue acrylic paint to create the tiger-like stripes that make Ahsoka’s lekku so distinctive.

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The results are, as you can see from the video, incredible. Jedimanda’s tutorial and her Ahsoka Tano outfit make me want to try making an Ahsoka headpiece myself. The making of the headpiece could turn into a long process, though. In the tutorial, Jedimanda said it took her about three weeks to complete the project. But then, patience is a mark of a true Jedi.