Watch fan-made Star Wars short film – Jakku: First Wave


Take an incredible look at the start of the Battle of Jakku, from three Stormtroopers point of view, in this Star Wars fan-made film — Jakku: First Wave…

In a fan film that would have made Randall and Dante happy, director Benjamin Eck takes us behind the scenes with a trio of stormtroopers as they prepare to join the Battle of Jakku. Appropriately titled Jakku First Wave, we listen in on the trio as they are being transported to the battle, which we know was a complete and utter disaster for the Empire. Jakku is of course, is the planet in which we first find Rey in The Force Awakens. Eck clearly has some talent, and picked a unique perspective to bring something fresh, and somber to the fan made community.

It’s an interesting point of view, as Eck is clearly attempting to humanize the normally faceless death dealers. As the trio slowly approaches the battle, nerves are evident, and an impromptu conversations breaks out about why each one joined the Empire. Two of the trio joined for less than altruistic reasons (the armor), but the third joined because his brother was killed back on the second Death Star. It’s hard not to sympathize with the guy, which speaks to the strength of Eck’s directing, but then you remember stormtroopers shoot women and children, and the Death Star was made to destroy planets.

Obi-won might have lectured Luke on everything being true from a certain point of view, but it’s still hard to truly feel much empathy for this trio, despite knowing they will all be dead soon after the scene ends. Still, it is always fun to see things from a different point of view.

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It’s one of the main reasons many are looking forward to Rogue One, as it will give us a more street level view of the goings on in the big galaxy, far far away.