Girl Transforms Into 4 Star Wars Characters in Under 60 Seconds


There are more options than ever for female Star Wars fans wanting to dress as their favorite saga characters for Halloween.

And Party City has you covered. The Star Wars characters they have for women to dress as are pretty mainstream. But if mainstream is your style, look no further. Party City has a Rey costume, a Princess Leia dress, and fabric outfits designed to look like stormtrooper armor or Darth Vader’s imposing black suit.

All four of Party City’s female Star Wars costumes are shown off in the video below. In the video, a girl from Disney Style tries on each costume within a sped-up time-lapse of 60 seconds.

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My favorite outfits in this video are the Rey costume and the sleek Darth Vader suit. The Rey costume is simple and film-accurate, while the Vader suit is slightly sexy but mostly just cool. Party City’s prices for these costumes are cool, too: the Rey and Leia costumes are much more affordable than homemade cosplay at $49.99 (plus sizes are available for a few more dollars). The stormtrooper and Vader outfits are also decently priced at $59.99.

A fun thing about cosplay and costumes is you can adjust your hair and makeup to create a look unique to your style. The results are often more creative than they would be if the costume was taken exactly from the films. For example, instead of just wearing helmets the stormtrooper and Vader outfits in the above video used hair and makeup tricks to mimic the desired aesthetic. Though, to be honest, the stormtrooper makeup is a little creepy. The Vader helmet-shaped hair, however, is dynamite.

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These Star Wars costumes and others for women and men, girls and boys, are available at Party City today. Keep an eye out for more costumes tomorrow, as Rogue One-themed merchandise begins to be released.