Force Friday: New Line Of LEGO Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Sets


For Rogue Friday, LEGO released a new line of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story-inspired sets. The line includes the new U-wing, the TIE Striker, and much more.

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LEGO has put the power of building into Star Wars fans’ hands yet again with a new line of Rogue One LEGO sets, just in time for Force Friday.

Force Friday – today, September 30th – is the day when companies are releasing Rogue One-inspired merchandise. From action figures to apparel, and now LEGOs, there are a million different ways for you to get to know the new characters from the film. The great thing about LEGO sets, though, is they allow you to experience new vehicles and movie set pieces as well as characters.

Check out the Rogue One LEGO sets below.

Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle – $89.99

Image Credit: LEGO

Imperial shuttles are ships we are familiar with thanks to Return of the Jedi and Star Wars Rebels. It makes sense Director Orson Krennic, the leader of the Death Star project in Rogue One, is important enough to have one. The black armor of the Imperial shuttle contrasts nicely with Krennic’s white uniform and cape game. I wonder if he designed it specifically so it would make him look better.

Rebel U-wing Fighter – $79.99

Image Credit: LEGO

The U-wing is also a familiar sight, although more recently revealed on an episode of The Star Wars Show. I like its utility as a troop transport as well as its unique but colorful design. It adds a little something new to the familiar landscape of Rebel Alliance starfighters.

TIE Striker – $69.99

Image Credit: LEGO

The very name “TIE Striker” implies the Empire can do some serious damage in this ship. My guess is this starfighter is used for bombings and strafe runs. It looks really cool and definitely more dangerous (and pointy) than your average TIE bomber.

AT-ST Walker – $39.99

Image Credit: LEGO

Ah, the AT-ST. More fondly known as “the Chicken Walker,” this vehicle wreaked havoc in the Endor woods in Return of the Jedi. Yet, if you just keep some spare logs around, taking it down will be an easy task. But perhaps the rebels of Rogue One haven’t figured that out yet. The AT-ST does come equipped with some powerful guns, which should keep any rebels from getting close enough to it to do any damage. That’s why, though, you get someone like Baze Malgus (the minifigure holding the giant gun in the image above) to shoot it down for you.

Imperial Assault Hovertank – $29.99

Image Credit: LEGO

We see the hovertank on the planet Jedha, where the Imperials meet Chirrut Imwe – the minifigure in the image with the red pants and the staff. Despite being blind and non-Force sensitive, Chirrut has no problem taking down an entire contingent of stormtroopers. You can see him in action in the trailers for the film or make up your own badass adventures for him with this LEGO set.

Sergeant Jyn Erso – $24.99

Image Credit: LEGO

I’m not a fan of these LEGO character sets. I prefer building sets and vehicles. But even I have to admit these Rogue One character sets are impressive. There’s a lot of detail involved in making sure they look like the characters they are meant to represent. I can tell the LEGO set above is supposed to look like Jyn Erso.

K-2SO – $24.99

Image Credit: LEGO

If I was going to purchase a LEGO Star Wars character set, I would purchase this one. I like the fact that LEGO K-2SO looks a lot like his film incarnation. Plus, K-2SO is just so cool-looking. I’d like to put him together and imagine I am building a real K-2 droid/weapon of destruction.

Imperial Death Trooper – $24.99

Image Credit: LEGO

Finally, we have the LEGO deathtrooper. The overall design of the deathtrooper is meant to inspire fear. I’m not sure this LEGO set exactly inspires “fear.” There’s a touch of comic to its look, with its big feet and massive shoulders juxtaposed to its tiny upper legs. But the cool factor is still there in the deathtrooper’s green-eyed helmet and dangerous-looking rifle.

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What do you think of LEGO’s Rogue One offerings? Will you be purchasing any of them? Talk to us in the comments below. Also, read this article to find out where you can do your Force Friday shopping.