Star Wars: Episode VIII Spoiler Regarding Finn


Thanks to a new report regarding a spoiler about John Boyega’s character in Star Wars: Episode VIII — Finn — we may know a little more about what Finn will be like once he wakes up from his coma…

Warning: Spoilers for Star Wars: Episode VIII below

Always reliable Star Wars spoilers and leaks site, Making Star Wars, has a brand spanking new report regarding John Boyega’s character in Star Wars: Episode VIII — Finn. As you may remember, Finn was left severely wounded by Kylo Ren, and in a coma, by the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and MSW‘s report may shed some light into what Finn will be doing in the next film.

The spoiler has to do with how Finn will heal from his wounds, and his appearance after his coma:

"Medical staff have now placed Finn in a bubble suit (to elaborate, we have it on good authority it is called a bacta suit), to heal his injuries. There is apparently a sequence where Finn is cut or removed from the suit and is revealed to be in better condition than ever before."

“Better condition than ever before” makes me think that this bacta suit will do more than just heal Finn. If you are not familiar with Star Wars medicine, a bacta is a fluid that accelerates the healing process. What we haven’t seen, in Star Wars canon, is bacta fluid actually improving the person it is used on.

MSW does note that, shortly after being removed from the bacta suit, Finn goes on a journey for the Resistance. The real question now remains: Is Finn Force sensitive? Does the bacta suit somehow awaken his latent Force powers? For now, this is all just rampant speculation on our part, but it sure would be a fun story arc to see play out on the big-screen.

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