Watch: Star Wars Rebels: Hera’s Heroes Preview — The Menace of Thrawn


The preview for Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 4, “Hera’s Heroes” has been released, and in it, we see Hera come face to face with Grand Admiral Thrawn…

This Saturday night, Star Wars Rebels Season 3 will air its fourth episode, titled: “Hera’s Heroes.” In this episode, the Empire is occupying Hera’s homeworld of Ryloth, and Hera, along with Ezra Bridger, will attempt to break into the Empire’s headquarters, only to be thwarted by the big bad of this season, Grand Admiral Thrawn.

Here’s the preview for Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 4, “Hera’s Heroes,” titled: “The Menace of Thrawn.”

The synopsis: Grand Admiral Thrawn meets with Hera Syndulla, revealing his approach to war…and an unsettlingly deep knowledge of his enemies.

If you aren’t familiar with Grand Admiral Thrawn, here’s a quick primer. The Chiss Imperial Admiral is known for his superior battle tactics against his enemies, by using their own history, philosophy, and art against them.

The “art” portion of Thrawn’s tactics is very important, as it pertains to Star Wars Rebels Season 3. The reason is, Grand Admiral Thrawn will track the Rebels, by following the different pieces of graffiti art, that Sabine Wren leaves behind.

As you can see from the preview, Thrawn even uses a family portrait of Hera as a child, with her mother and father. Hera’s dan the hero of Ryloth himself — Cham Syndulla. Star Wars Rebels Season 3, Episode 4, “Hera’s Heroes” will air Saturday night at 8:30 pm ET, only on Disney XD.

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