5 Things We Want to See in the Last Rogue One Trailer

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Image Credit: Lucasfilm

1. Vader’s left arm. Vader’s right arm. Vader’s foot.

In the previous trailer, we only caught the briefest of glimpses of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader. Vader had no dialogue, hardly any movement, and pretty much nothing that indicated it was anything more than a Darth Vader cardboard cutout. So in the final Rogue One trailer, can we please, by the power of the Force, get more Darth Vader.

Similar to our request for more of the Death Star, we want to get a better feel for Vader’s involvement in Rogue One. Will Vader prove to simply be an extended cameo at the end of the movie? Or will Vader’s role prove to be more substantial? Will Palpatine send Vader to recover the plans once Jyn Erso and the rest of her crew manage to steal them? Vader’s level of involvement will tell us a lot about the overall structure of the movie. On the plus side, who doesn’t want to see Vader unleash the full extent of his Force powers on some unsuspecting Rebels? Do you see how many questions we have about Vader?

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Vader’s presence in the movie is an important one, as we haven’t seen the Dark Lord on the big screen since Return of the Jedi, and serves to draw in more casual fans. Many casual fans will latch onto Vader quickly if the see the Dark Lord slashing and tearing up a bunch of Rebels in the final trailer. Fans need a touchstone, and Vader could easily become that. So here is to hoping we get more of Darth Vader. Left or right arm, we won’t complain.