Watch the Teaser for Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Supercommandos


Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Supercommados will air this Saturday night, and the preview, titled “Mandalorian Showdown” shows Sabine facing off against her own Mandalorian people…

Star Wars Rebels Season 3 continues to cruise along at a nice clip. So far, we’ve had several storylines played out through each crew member of the Ghost. Ezra and Kanan have seemingly made peace with each other, and once again are galvanized as Jedi Master and Jedi Padawan.

Hera came face to face with Grand Admiral Thrawn, and it’s clear that the Admiral is playing chess, not checkers, in regards to stopping the Rebels. And last Saturday, Rex, Zeb, Chopper, Ezra and Kanana, all worked together to defeat the last holdout of Separatists droids, thus finally ending The Clone Wars.

This week, it appears as if we will finally get to see Sabine in action, as she takes on her own people, the Mandalorians. Here’s the preview:

Mandalorian Showdown – Imperial Supercommandos

"Sabine and Ezra encounter Mandalorians who’ve aligned with the Empire. They’re outnumbered, outgunned, and have to make a difficult choice…"

Ooh boy, that official synopsis for the episode sounds rather ominous. I wonder, what difficult choice Sabine and Ezra will have to make? The clip mentions Sabine’s mother, and it also alludes to the fact that she may have been forced to join the Empire, against her will.

Another point that could be made here, is that this is the episode where Sabine gets to wield the Darksaber, used by Deathwatch leaders in The Clone Wars, and even Darth Maul, for a time. Regardless, anytime you toss a few Mandalorians itching for a fight, into the mix, there’s sure to be some fireworks…literally. Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Supercommandos airs this Saturday, October 29, at 7:30 CT / 8:30 ET.

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