Warwick Davis’ Role in Rogue One Revealed


For more than three decades he has been a part of the Star Wars story. And, when The Force Awakens hit theaters in 2015, Warwick Davis returned as an odd little alien. Now, he’s back in Rogue One, and we know as who…

According to website Slashfilm, actor Warwick Davis has tweeted out that we all missed him in the latest TV spot for Rogue One. Here’s the trailer:

Did you catch him? At first glance, neither did I. Apparently, Davis’ new character, from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be doing something he’s never done before, and that’s firing a blaster! That’s right, Warwick Davis’ character in Rogue One is this little Ugnaught looking guy.

Well, good for you Warwick Davis! Finally, someone has put a blaster in your hands. Although, I am sad to admit that Davis isn’t playing a young Wicket here, just slinging around rocks at the Empire, before he escapes Jedha to the Forest Moon of Endor, where he warns the other Ewoks of the impending doom that is about to descend upon them. I mean, how else to they have all those cleverly laid traps at just the right height for the AT-ST’s?

Davis followed up the tweet with a behind the scenes photo of him out of costume…well his head out of the costume:

That’s an Ugnaught, right? You guys, right? Anyway, we can’t wait to see what happens to Warwick Davis’ freedom fighting alien when December 16 hits in one month!

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