How To Watch Star Wars Rebels “Iron Squadron”


Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD tonight with “Iron Squadron!” We’ve got all the details – where and when to watch it, who’s in it, and what it’s about – below.

After a week off, Star Wars Rebels returns to Disney XD tonight with season 3, episode 8, “Iron Squadron.”

Someone else is returning, too. Grand Admiral Thrawn is back on the scene, plotting his continued takedown of The Ghost crew and their rebel fleet. Fortunately for him, the emergence of some new young insurgents called Iron Squadron provides him with the perfect opportunity to test our heroes with his cold, calculating genius.

Below is the official synopsis of “Iron Squadron” from

"The Ghost crew encounters three young rebels, while Thrawn plots a trap for his enemies."

In the above clip, The Ghost crew encounters Iron Squadron for the first time. To their surprise, the new rebels sound like a bunch of kids.

Meanwhile, Thrawn is hatching a dastardly plot in the clip “Thrawn’s Next Move.”

Where to watch: Disney XD or the Disney XD WATCH app

When to watch: Tonight, November 19th, at 8:30 pm ET

Which characters will be featured most: Grand Admiral Thrawn and Iron Squadron

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There is a lot to look forward to in “Iron Squadron.” Not only are we going to meet a new group of young rebels with as-yet unknown origins and motivations. But we are going to see Thrawn in action again. The Chiss has been used sparingly this season so far, which is a good policy on Lucasfilm’s part. There is so much hype surrounding Thrawn’s character; using him too much would cheapen his role as the third season’s big bad. Not using him a lot also means that when we do see him on-screen, we know something big is about to go down.

It’s still not clear what Thrawn has in mind for the rebels. Hopefully “Iron Squadron” will shed light on his plans for The Ghost crew, and how they plan on dealing with him. So far, the only members of The Ghost crew who have met Thrawn are Hera and Ezra. But perhaps that will change in tonight’s episode.

The Iron Squadron. Image Credit: Star Wars Rebels Facebook

With Iron Squadron, I hope we get some cool new characters and allies for the rebel alliance. It’s a big job being part of a rebellion, especially for a kid (as Ezra and Sabine can corroborate), and the story of how Iron Squadron got to be who and where they are will be fascinating. There is also likely some character development in store for Ezra and Sabine, who must be close to the ages of Iron Squadron’s members. They better than anyone will know how to help the young insurgents… if the young insurgents let them.

Star Wars Rebels has shown with episodes like “Twilight of the Apprentice” that it can get deep in story growth and character arcs. “Iron Squadron” is ripe for both.

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