Details on the Shield Gate Protecting the Empire’s Planet in Rogue One


Entertainment Weekly takes a look at the Imperial-occupied planet of Scarif, what the magazine is a galactic Los Alamos in the magazine’s continued coverage of Rogue One…

If you research the planet of Scarif, from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, the description The planet is that of a beautiful tropical paradise… if not for the presence of a major Imperial military installation. Scarif stands as the principal construction facility for the Imperial war machine, and the planet itself is enveloped in impenetrable deflector shields, as well as being heavily defended.

We’ve seen X-Wings flying toward and firing on a shield gate protecting the planet, and Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on exactly what that shield gate is, and how it works. In fact, EW goes so far as to call Scarif the Empire’s Los Alimos: “The top-secret desert town where scientists and engineers built the first nuclear bomb during World War II.”

Rogue One co-producer John Swartz had this to say about the shield gate and Scarif:

"“The shield gate is the security. As Imperial ships and cargo comes through, it punches a hole in the shield so they can pass. The gate officer gives clearances as they give out their call signs.”"

Scarif is also the home base for Ben Mendelsohn’s character, Director Orson Krennic, as John Swartz explains:

"“It’s part of their military industrial complex. It’s not necessarily where the Death Star was constructed, but a lot of military research goes on there. That’s why Krennic spends time there. It’s the site of research, structural engineering, munitions and manufacturing, all rolled into one facility.”"

I’ve got to say, this looks absolutely crazy, in a fun way, and I can’t wait to see the X-Wings try and take that shield gate out.

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