Watch a New Star Wars Rebels Clip: “Thrawn’s Ruthlessness”


When Thrawn suspects a traitor in the Empire’s midst, he uses an extreme method to reveal him in a new Star Wars Rebels clip, “Thrawn’s Ruthlessness.”

When Grand Admiral Thrawn suspects a traitor is in the Empire’s midst, he shows no mercy in revealing him.

In a new clip from December 3rd’s Star Wars Rebels episode, “An Inside Man,” Thrawn uncovers the perpetrator of a sabotage plot against the Empire.

Watch the clip below.

The official synopsis of “An Inside Man” (translated into English from Disney XD Germany by Jedi Bibliothek; via Making Star Wars), places two Ghost crew members back on their old stomping grounds of Lothal.

"Looking for information on a new Imperial weapon, Ezra and Kanan break into an Imperial factory on Lothal. However, they have to trust an enemy to escape from a building that is about to be locked down."

The “enemy” referred to in the synopsis is, I’m guessing, the saboteur in the above clip. We have seen this fellow before. Morad Sumar appeared in the very first episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Spark of Rebellion,” and again in a later season one episode, “Fighter Flight.” A farmer, his land was eventually taken from him and his wife by the Empire. Subsequently, the Empire tried to arrest him, but Zeb and Ezra came to his rescue.

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Obviously, however, Sumar did not evade capture for long. By “An Inside Man,” he has been press-ganged into the Empire’s service. Though he apparently tried to fight back by sabotaging the Empire’s speeders to explode when they hit maximum speed, he didn’t cover his tracks well enough to elude Thrawn’s investigations. Or his cruelty.

The thing about Thrawn is, it’s hard to tell what he’s going to do next. While he might let the speeder detonate and kill the traitor along with it, it is just as probable that he will shut down the speeder before it explodes. There is a purpose to everything Thrawn does, so which outcome he chooses depends on what his plans are. My guess is he is also trying to draw out Kanan and Ezra, who he has to know have infiltrated the facility. Nothing escapes Thrawn’s piercing red gaze.

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We’ll find out what those plans are (we hope!) when Star Wars Rebels: “An Inside Man” premieres this Saturday, December 3rd, on Disney XD.