The Cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Reveal Six Secrets About the Film


Us Weekly Magazine’s special Rogue One edition got the cast of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story to reveal six secrets from the film…

Us Weekly‘s special  Rogue One: A Star Wars Story collector’s edition issue is available on newsstands now, and to order online. For this special issue, the magazine was able to get the cast and crew to reveal a few very interesting details about the plot of Rogue One. From characters to a look behind the scenes. Here are the six secrets of Rogue One from the stars of the film:

The first secret: Sigourney Weaver was an inspiration for Felicity Jones’ character, Jyn Erso.

Jones says Weaver’s role as Ripley from the Alien movies was definitely an inspiration for Jyn.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

Darth Vader – Image Credit: Lucasfilm

credit: Jonathan Olley/© Lucasfilm LFL 2016

The second secret: Rogue One marks the return of Darth Vader.

Well, this isn’t really a secret, now is it? Diego Luna, who plays Captain Cassian Andor, had this to say about the Sith Lord, suggesting that he will come into contact with Vader at some point in Rogue One “I was taken to a set that was an Imperial bay, and I hear [heavy breathing], “I’m like, ‘This is real!’

Image Credit: Lucasfilm – via Entertainment Weekly

The third secret: Forest Whitaker’s character, Saw Gerrera, is an old pal of Darth Vader’s.

Well, Anakin Skywalker that is. Saw and Anakin fought beside each other in The Clone Wars. One wonders if he knows who Vader once was and if that helps drives his hatred for the Empire.

The fourth secret: The London Underground is a stand-in for the Imperials’ high-tech command center.

Here’s Rogue One director Gareth Edwards on turning the London Subway into viable filming area: “Initially, everyone laughed. Then they went, ‘Hang on, that could work!'” After shooting, as commuters streamed onto the train platform, “you wanted to point to the guy next to you and say, ‘He’s a Stormtrooper! We just shot Star Wars!’”

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The fifth secret: George Lucas was in the house.

Apparently, Lucas visited the set during the middle of production, and  production designer, Doug Chiang got to show him the designs and what the Rogue One production team wanted to do with the film, especially with it being so close to Star Wars: A New Hope.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

The sixth secret:  the Empire now has Death Troopers.

Again, not really a secret, but still very cool. Us Weekly describes the Death Troopers as Standing at 6-foot-5, these formidable, all-black-clad, Navy SEAL–like soldiers protect the Empire’s military director, Orson Krennic, played by Ben Mendelsohn.

You can read more by purchasing Us Weekly at your local newsstand or online, where you can get more of the Rogue One secrets and details that the magazine has in store for hungry Star Wars fans.