Rogue One Red Carpet Premiere Event Will Be Live Streamed


The Los Angeles red carpet premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will be live streamed on December 10th.

Fans will be able to watch the stars of Rogue One walk the red carpet, thanks to’s live stream of the event.

The Los Angeles premiere of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story takes place Saturday, December 10th. will live stream the star-studded red carpet pre-party beginning at 5 pm PT. The live stream will be hosted by The Star Wars Show hostess Andi Gutierrez and feature interviews with the first Star Wars standalone film’s cast and crew members.

Fans can watch the Rogue One live stream on, the official Star Wars YouTube channel, go90, and Verizon Fios.

Last year, live streamed the red carpet premiere of The Force Awakens. Hosts Andi Gutierrez and Anthony Carboni talked to Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, Kathleen Kennedy, and more.  Even the droids – BB-8, R2-D2, and C-3PO – were in attendance. The live stream was obviously a success since Lucasfilm is repeating the event for Rogue One.

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The most appealing aspect of live streaming Star Wars red carpet premieres is it allows fans candid glimpses of their favorite stars. The actors and actresses are just as popular as the characters they play in the galaxy far, far away. Especially now that Lucasfilm is bringing more female characters to the fore of the franchise, the actresses of Star Wars are looked up to as role models for young fans of both genders. Star Wars celebrities have also recently begun to promote charity foundations, like Force For Change. And is allowing them to connect with fans on a personal level, as well, by broadcasting unscripted live streams and Q&A’s.

It’s a fine time to be a Star Wars fan.

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters in the U.S. on December 16th. Tickets are available for preorder today.