The Clone Wars Alum Stephen Stanton To Voice Admiral Raddus In Rogue One


The Clone Wars alum Stephen Stanton – voice of young Wilhuff Tarkin, Mas Amedda, and many more characters – will provide the lines for Admiral Raddus in Rogue One.

Rogue One‘s Admiral Raddus may be a new character,  but his voice actor is not unfamiliar with the Star Wars galaxy.

Voice actor Stephen Stanton, an alum of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels animated series, announced himself on Twitter as the official voice of the new Mon Calamari in Rogue One.

Stanton is best known for providing the lines for a young Wilhuff Tarkin in The Clone Wars, and an older Tarkin in Star Wars Rebels. In The Clone Wars, Stanton also voiced Chancellor Palpatine’s right-hand man, Mas Amedda, as well as a host of other minor characters. Recently in Star Wars Rebels, he continues to voice recurring character AP-5, an old Imperial droid who defects to the side of the rebellion.

Admiral Raddus with Rogue One Director Gareth Edwards. Image Credit: Yahoo!

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Unlike Tarkin, Admiral Raddus is completely new to Star Wars canon. To make up for his newness, Raddus packs quite a punch. Lucasfilm’s creature effects supervisor Neal Scanlin described Admiral Raddus as a “very strong figure.” Part of this strength stems from the Mon Cal’s distinguishing feature, which is his similarity to the real-life and renowned British political figure, Winston Churchill. Not only does his facial appearance mimic Churchill’s, his personality and performance are inspired by Churchill, as well.

Stanton is the perfect choice to voice Admiral Raddus, thanks to his long and varied list of Star Wars credits. But he also has his work cut out for him in Raddus, whose strong personality will require a strong voice. It will be the role of a lifetime.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and Admiral Raddus premiere in theaters in the U.S. on December 16th.