Highlights from the Cast of Rogue One on Jimmy Kimmel Live


The cast of Rogue One and the film’s director, Gareth Edwards, invaded Jimmy Kimmel Live and brought two all-new clips from the film, as well as stories from filming Rogue One: A Star Wars Story…

Next Friday, December 16, the very first Star Wars standalone film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will debut worldwide. And, that means that the cast of the film is making the rounds of morning talk shows, as well as late night shows such as Jimmy Fallon. This Friday night, the cast of Rogue One, along with director Gareth Edwards, invaded Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, as well as showing off two all-new clips from the film.

But first, Kimmel did one of his usual hilarious bits where he demonstrated the different types of Star Wars fans, and I’ve got to say, he was spot on. Check it out:

Next, we have the first of two Rogue One clips shown on the show, ahead of the cast being introduced:

What an exciting clip! I love Kaytoo’s constant need to give the odds of success or failure. “There’s a 26% chance of failure…well now there’s a 35% chance of failure.” This segues quite nicely into the next clip with Alan Tudyk (Kaytoo) discussing what he wore during the filming of Rogue One.

So there are a couple of things to take from the above clip. 1: Ben Mendelsohn (Orson Krennic) really loved wearing his white cape. 2: Diego Luna (Cassian Andor) was captivated by Alan Tudyk’s groin  because it was apparently in the actors’ faces while they were filming Rogue One. “He had stilts, and you were eye level with his balls. Good thing about Alan…he has pretty big ones.” Diego Luna is now one of my favorite Star Wars actors.

Here, Gareth Edwards talks about what he stole from the set of Rogue One. The cast, however, pleads the fifth. We also get the second of two all-new Rogue One clips, here:

That scene with Kaytoo one-arm catching Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) and slamming her on the grounds, while congratulating her for being rescued, is amazing.

Gareth Edwards talks about having James Earl Jones return to the Star Wars Cinematic Universe, as the voice of Darth Vader in Rogue One, and how in awe he was of Jones during the reading of one of Vader’s lines.

Finally, actor Donnie Yen (Chirrut Îmwe) reveals his character’s first line in the film, as well as possibly revealing a spoiler about his character and his connection to the Force.

There you have it, all the highlights from the cast of Rogue One on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Don’t forget — as if you could — Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on Friday, December 16.

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