Here’s the 5 Best Rogue One Fan Theories

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5. Jedha, an Imperial-occupied frozen desert planet and a resource of kyber crystals, is turned into Starkiller Base by the First Order – UNKNOWN

The clues leading to this theory are manifold. First, Jedha is a source of kyber crystals, and Starkiller Base could use a huge resource like that to focus the power of its humongous, star-powered lasers. Second, Jedha is a frozen desert planet and its environment could evolve into a snow-bound planet with the right technological encouragement. Third, based on what we saw in the Rogue One trailers, Jedha appears to be the object of the Empire’s first test of the Death Star’s laser. If the Death Star only partially destroys Jedha, then the planet would be the perfect

If the Death Star only partially destroys Jedha, then the planet would be the perfect starting place for the First Order to drill in a laser and start building a superweapon. For all the clues supporting this theory, there are just as many debunking it. The Death Star is supposed to destroy entire planets, not parts of them. Furthermore, the First Order would have to posses the technology to rebuild an entire ecosystem, and we don’t know if that technology exists in the Star Wars universe. Third: again, the galaxy is a big place. It would be an awfully big coincidence if Rogue One and The Force Awakens had such a big connection.

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Then again anything is possible in the Star Wars universe until proven otherwise. Are there any other big Rogue One fan theories we missed? If you know of any, tell us about them in the comments below. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters in the U.S. this Friday, December 16.