Here’s Princess Leia’s scenes in Rogue One as well as R2-D2 and C-3PO


Now that most of the world has seen Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, it’s time to start talking about those neat cameos throughout the film. One question on everyone’s mind was: In Princess Leia in Rogue One? Well, she is, and this is how Gareth Edwards did it….

In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, we actually don’t get to see Princess Leia until the very end of the film, as Rogue One segues into A New Hope. Of course, if you were paying attention to every little detail during the film like I was (obsessive compulsive Star Was fan here), then you probably caught reference made to Leia from her adoptive father, Bail Organa.

When the rebels are trying to decide how to get the Death Star plans off of Scarif and into the hands of the Rebel Alliance, Bail tells Mon Mothma he knows of someone and, “She has never let me down.” This is a direct reference to his feisty daughter, the then, Princess Leia of Alderaan.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm (From 1977 A New Hope)

During all this, and after it is revealed that a group of rebels led by Jyn Erso decides to go rogue and attack Scarif in order to secure the Death Star plans, we see both R2 and Threepio standing in the base on Yavin 4, while Threepio worries about not being told anything. This also means that Leia and the Tantive IV had not yet left Yavin, at that point.

Finally, during the final scenes of Rogue One, after Darth Vader has destroyed nearly a ship’s worth of rebels, a small group has escaped him, and the board the Tantive IV. Captain Antilles opens a door to see a white robed and hooded figure. As the figure turns, it is revealed to be Princess Leia and she tells Captain Antilles that the chip carrying the plans to the Death Star represent “Hope.” Roll credits.

The actress playing Leia was Ingvild Deila who finally confirmed her role on Twitter:

Just like director Gareth Edwards did with Guy Henry playing Tarkin in Rogue One, Deila’s face had a bit of CGI worked into it during post-production, to add Carrie Fisher’s exact facial expressions.

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