Actor Dermot Mulroney Played Cello On The Rogue One Soundtrack


Actor Dermot Mulroney, who appeared most recently as a guest character in Mozart in the Jungle, played cello on the Rogue One soundtrack.

Composer, Michael Giacchino, enlisted an actor’s help with Rogue One‘s music.

Dermot Mulroney’s acting credits include multiple well-known films, including My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Grey, and Jobs. More recently, he portrayed a recurring guest character in Amazon’s Mozart in the Jungle. But his talents go far beyond appearing on the big and small screens. He is also a talented cellist and has worked on several film scores with Giacchino.

Now, he can add Rogue One to his list of musical accomplishments (via Entertainment Weekly).

Mulroney learned how to play the cello when he was a child. As a teenager, his skills were honed enough to win solo competitions. After he graduated from college, he chose to pursue acting instead of music. But when he met Giacchino in 2005, Mulroney “challenged the composer to hire him for his next scoring session.”

Since 2005, Mulroney has provided cello music for several of Giacchino’s big film scores, including Mission Impossible III and Jurassic World.

There probably isn’t a moment in the Rogue One soundtrack in which Mulroney can be heard playing alone. But just the fact he is talented enough to be a part of the orchestra is a source of pride for him.

"“Obviously, I knew about orchestras, I knew how to play in one, I knew about scoring orchestras… But then when I start doing it, it really became a different perspective for me and such a source of pride — but pride related to the fact that I’m included in an exclusive group of musicians…really just towering talent. I’m more of a journeyman player.”"

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They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I think the same can be said for creating a film score. Giacchino is lucky to have such talented people like Mulroney to tap into.