Star Wars: Episode VIII Director Rian Johnson Defends Prequel Trilogy


It’s long past time for everyone to stop hating the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy and recognize that each film adds its own unique story to the saga that is Star Wars. Episode VIII director Rian Johnson recently defended the Prequels, and he did so by bringing up a great point…

On December 25, Christmas day, Star Wars: Episode VIII director, Rian Johnson, got involved in a discussion regarding the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. According to CinemaBlend, the conversation was started on Twitter by a senior editor of The Atlantic, who questioned if anyone would care if Disney remade the Prequel Trilogy.

This led to other writers jumping into the conversation to say things like the Prequels were not bad movies, just bad ideas for movies. And this is where Johnson chimed in:

Johnson is nearly 100% correct. While I do agree with him about the first two films be kid movies, there is no way Revenge of the Sith wasn’t targeted toward a more mature audience. However, where Johnson hit the nail on the head, was his reasoning behind his tweet:

"“the prequels are a 7 hour long kids movie about how fear of loss turns good people into fascists.”"

The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy, while certainly having its own set of faults, stands to this day as great storytelling, and gives us a rich and in-depth look at the backstory to some of the most iconic Star Wars characters in the entire Star Wars saga.

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