Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Pay Tribute to Carrie Fisher


As the world continues to mourn the loss of Star Wars iconic actress, Carrie Fisher (Leia), fans are paying tribute the best way they know how, and even gamers have gotten involved…

Players in the massively popular online game, Star Wars: The Old Republic, have made a loving and memorable tribute to Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess/General Leia in the saga. As notes, players across several servers in the game made a character with the Princess Leia white outfit and signature hairstyle from Star Wars: A New Hope, and set that character on the planet Alderaan, in an open place, where players could come and make their own personal tribute to the much-beloved actress.

As you can see, the character stands atop a small ledge where player-characters could come and pay their own tributes. Here’s a photo album from imgur of the event:

"On Alderan, in House Organa, all across the SWTOR multiverse, there are gatherings for The General."

If you aren’t familiar with Star Wars: The Old Republic, the game take place in a timeline thousands of years before the birth of Leia or even the Skywalker lineage. During this timeline, thousands of Sith and Jedi roam the galaxy competing for ultimate control.

Players have even gone so far as to request that BioWare (the game’s developer) add a permanent tribute to Carrie Fisher in the game, at House Organa. The problem with this is, Leia wouldn’t be alive during this timeline, and so Bioware would have to make a special exception. However, it could be done, if Bioware really wanted to do so. The tribute could stand as a statue of Leia of House Organa.

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We love seeing tributes like this pop up all over the world, and it’s nice to see gamers put aside their own differences (Sith vs Jedi) to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher.