Highlights From The Star Wars Rebels Midseason 3 Premiere


Star Wars Rebels returned to Disney XD with its midseason 3 premiere, “Ghosts of Geonosis.” The two-parter introduced the Ghost crew to Saw Gerrera. We’ve got the highlights of the encounter for you below.

Saw Gerrera is not quite as crazy in Star Wars Rebels as he is in Rogue One. But he is just as extreme.

In the two-part midseason 3 premiere, “Ghosts of Geonosis,” Commander Jun Sato sends the Ghost crew to Geonosis. Their mission: rescue a rebel team, led by Saw Gerrera, which went to Geonosis find out why the Empire wiped out the entire native population. Sato hasn’t heard from the team for two cycles, hence the need for a rescue.

Below are the episodes’ highlights.

  • Kanan, Ezra, Captain Rex, and Chopper find Saw Gerrera in the tunnels below a Geonosian temple. But all the members of Gerrera’s crew were killed by Clone Wars-era droids.
  • The master behind the Separatist droids is a Geonosian whom Ezra nicknames Klik Klak. After the rebels capture Klik Klak, they discover he was only attacking the rebels because he was protecting an egg. The egg is a queen Geonosian and a key to the species’ survival.
  • Klik Klak shows the rebels the canisters the Empire used to cause a mass genocide on Geonosis. The canisters contained poisonous gas. The Ghost crew tries to take the canisters as proof for the Senate of the Empire’s atrocities. But they lose them in their escape from an Imperial Star Destroyer.
  • We meet a new Imperial commander in “Ghosts of Geonosis” part 2. Captain Brunson, a young woman of color, orders a routine perimeter check on Geonosis when she discovers The Ghost down below. She becomes hell-bent on The Ghost‘s capture, noting it will mean a promotion for her and her crew members. They do not succeed, however; instead, they are thwarted by Hera Syndulla’s resourcefulness.
  • Saw Gerrera shows a penchant for violent behavior in this two-parter. He tries to torture Klik Klak into submission. Then, he nearly shoots the Geonosian’s egg, an act which would mean the death of Klik Klak’s species. His better nature wins out, this time. But he shows himself desperate enough to take desperate measures if he feels he needs to.
  • Remember that jetpack Sabine acquired earlier in season 3? She puts it, her blasters, and her trusty explosives to grand use in “Ghosts of Geonosis” part 2.
  • Throughout the episode, Klik Klak keeps drawing a circle within a circle in the sand. The drawing is his method of telling the rebels what the Empire was up to on Geonosis, since he can’t speak their language and vice versa. First, the rebels decide Klik Klak means his egg, which is an embryo within a shell. Then they think he is referring to the poisonous gas canisters. But Star Wars fans know he is really drawing the Death Star.

Did you get to see “Ghosts of Geonosis”? What did you think of the episode? Do you hope to see more of Saw Gerrera on the show in the future?

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