Woody Harrelson comments on being mentor to Han Solo in upcoming standalone


"Woody Harrelson comments that he will play a mentor to Han Solo in the untitled Star Wars story, set to hit theaters in 2018…"

As we recently reported on Dork Side, Woody Harrelson is the newest cast member in the upcoming Han Solo standalone film. Harrelson is well known for his colorful personality off screen as he is for his roles in films. Films such as Kingpin, The People VS. Larry Flint, No Country for Old Men and White Men Can’t Jump. 

Harrelson recently commented in a Mashable interview about his role in Han Solo movie saying.

"“I’m a mentor to Han but I’m also a bit of a criminal. I don’t think I should say much more than that because the Force is not allowing me.”"

Which has fans abuzz thinking that he is most likely referring to Alexsandr Badure AKA Trooper. Solo’s mentor and teacher in the early days of flying education at the Imperial Academy. Here’s the video Q&A

Trooper’s character is mainly from the novel Han Solo and the Lost Legacy, which is the third and final novel in the Han Solo Adventures Trilogy. Whether or not this is the character or a resemblance of the one Harrelson will be playing, we will have to wait and see.

I’m excited to see Harrelson in this role, a rough around the edges, scruffy, nerf herder (get it?) kind of character. That’s the sort of role Woody Harrelson has excelled in throughout his career.

Harrelson is joining fellow cast members, Donald Glover, playing a Young Lando Calrissian, Alden Ehrenreich as young Han Solo and Emila Clarke as a yet unknown character at this time.

Perhaps the most exciting knowledge surrounding the film is Lawrence Kasdan, the co-writer of Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi, co-writing the screenplay. His son Jon Kasdan is also credited with co-writing the screenplay for this still-untitled Star Wars standalone film.

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