Rogue One comic will include deleted scenes from the film


Great news, Marvel Star Wars fans! Marvel is releasing a Rogue One comic in April of this year…

Yahoo Movies is reporting that all the new Star Wars characters that we came to know and love, albeit briefly, are coming back to life in the pages of Marvel Star Wars comics. Jyn Erso, Cassian Andor, and K-2SO will get their own comic series, as Marvel and Lucasfilm will release a six-issue adaptation of the very first standalone Star Wars film, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, beginning in April.

According to Yahoo Movies, The Rogue One comic will be written by Jody Houser and illustrated by Emilio Laiso and will include those deleted scenes that didn’t make the film. Houser had this to say regarding the upcoming comic series:

"“Gareth Edwards and Lucasfilm had a number of ideas for moments that didn’t fit in the film that I’m working with. There are also some amazing moments in the novelization I want to incorporate. So it’s really a mix of material from existing versions of the story, as well as new scenes.”"

Thanks to Yahoo Movies, here are some of the deleted scenes that were cut from the film, yet included in the Rogue One novelization by Alexander Freed:

Image Credit: Marvel Star Wars

  • Immediately after Imperial Director Orson Krennic captures Galen Erso during the prologue, the two men exchange words aboard Krennic’s shuttle, with the corpse of Lyra Erso between them.
  • The destruction of Jedha City is depicted from the point of view of various characters on the ground, including a Stormtrooper detail that didn’t evacuate in time, as well as the family of the little girl Jyn rescued from the marketplace shootout, all of whom get obliterated in the Death Star blast.
  • After the Alliance attack on Eadu, there’s an interlude aboard Krennic’s shuttle where he is summoned to Mustafar to appear before Darth Vader.
  • The Yavin 4 briefing room scene at the end is much longer, featuring testimony by Bodhi and Jyn, and more Mon Mothma.
  • During the Rogue One team’s shuttle ride from Yavin 4 to Scarif, there’s more conversation among the crew, including an exchange in which Jyn Erso is conferred the rank of sergeant, which explains why she’s called “Sgt. Jyn Erso” in promotional materials and toys.
  • Between the sections of the novelization, there are “recovered” messages that include journal entries from Mon Mothma, correspondence between Krennic and Erso, and prayers from Guardians of the Whills.

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If you haven’t yet picked up the Rogue One novelization, then this should make you want to get it now, and this comic series looks to be such an amazing gap-filler for Star Wars fans.