Sabine Trains With The Darksaber In New Star Wars Rebels Clip


In a new Star Wars Rebels clip, Sabine learns how to fight with a lightsaber. If she succeeds, she proves herself as the rightful owner of the darksaber.

Sabine has a lot to do if she’s going to prove herself the lawful owner of the darksaber. Among her tasks is to actually learn how to use it.

Why go to all this trouble if you’re not a Jedi? In the next episode of Rebels, Sabine wants to convince her Mandalorian family to join the rebels’ cause. In order to do that, she calls on them using the authority of the darksaber. But apparently, her family won’t be swayed unless she can actually wield the weapon.

The darksaber is an important relic in Mandalorian history (via Rebels Recon). Tar Viszla, the first Mandalorian Jedi, created it. After he died, members of his House retrieved the lightsaber and used it to unite Mandalore into one faction. Sabine is a member of House Viszla, so her possession of the darksaber is key to getting help from her family.

Fortunately, one of Sabine’s friends is a Jedi Knight. He helps her, but he doesn’t hold back. He reminds me of Yoda: tough, stern, and not easily impressed. His pretending disregard of her skills pushes Sabine where she needs to go.

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See how it all plays out on the next episode of Star Wars Rebels. “Trials of the Darksaber” premieres Saturday, December 21st on Disney XD.