Disney Channel UK Shows Viewers Glimpse At The Rogue One Creature Shop


Disney Channel UK went behind the scenes at the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story creature shop with Creature Effects Supervisor, Neal Scanlan.

Disney Channel UK Access All Areas took viewers into the Rogue One creature shop.

At under two minutes long, the video understandably doesn’t reveal anything earth-shattering. But we did learn how Rogue One‘s Creature Effects Supervisor, Neal Scanlan, feels about working in Star Wars.

"“It’s fantastic. We’re a whole team of different artists that build and perform the characters that live in this world.”"

One thing I admire about film projects: they require a lot of different people in possession of a variety of skill sets. Rogue One‘s creatures needed seamstresses, sculptors, animators, engineers, and who knows what else to come to life.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

I should think it hard, as a creature shop employee, to have a favorite creature. But Scanlan didn’t hesitate when asked which his favorite was. His fondness lies with the “space monkey,” a heavily publicized alien in the Rogue One background character roster. The “monkey’s” name is Bistan. An actor puppeteered him on the inside, while a remote control guided his animatronic face’s expressions. The result is all personality.

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Hopefully, the Rogue One Blu Ray bonus features will take us deeper into the making of the film; deeper than short Disney Channel featurettes. Nevertheless, the above video is fun viewing for both casual and diehard Star Wars fans.