How To Watch Star Wars Rebels “Trials Of The Darksaber”


Star Wars Rebels “Trials of the Darksaber” premieres tonight! Find out the episode synopsis, and where and when to watch it below.

Sabine Wren takes up the darksaber on tonight’s new episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Trials of the Darksaber.”

Season three episode 15 of Rebels finds Sabine seeking help from her Mandalorian family. The rebels need more recruits, and Sabine thinks she can win her people over with the darksaber in her possession.

In the mid- third season finale, Maul stashed the darksaber away in his lair. When the Nightsister ghosts defeated Maul and he fled, he left the weapon behind. Sabine discovered it, and without even igniting it she seemed to recognize its significance.

The darksaber has an ancient Mandalorian history. The first Mandalorian Jedi, Tar Vizsla created it, and the Jedi kept it after his death. Members of Clan Wren took the darksaber from the Jedi and used it to unite Mandalore under one kingdom. Sabine’s family is Clan Wren, so the fact she now possesses the darksaber gives her a claim to leadership.

But she has to prove herself first. That’s where Kanan and Ezra come in; the Jedi teach Sabine how to wield the darksaber in a fight.

Where to watch: Disney XD, the Disney XD WATCH app (access limited to cable subscribers)

When to watch: 8:30 pm EST/7:30 pm PT

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“Trials of the Darksaber” will also be available on iTunes and Amazon Video today or tomorrow.