Darth Maul’s Past To Be Explored In Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Maul


One of the Sith’s most fearsome and mysterious warriors, Darth Maul, will have a few layers of his past peeled back in Marvel’s Star Wars: Darth Maul.

Despite being one of the Star Wars galaxy’s most evil villains, killing fan favorite Qui-Gon Jinn and who knows how many other Jedi, Darth Maul has remained one the most popular characters in the extensive lexicon. Darth Maul was a silent, smoldering and furious opponent for our heroes in The Phantom Menace (and many would argue, the best part of that movie), though no information was given as to his background.

In the expanded universe of the comics, novels, and animated series’ we have gotten to explore the history of the villain we love to hate, and Star Wars: Darth Maul continues that trend, with a few bounty hunters you might know coming along for the ride. ComicBook.com brings us the scoop.

Set to hit comic store shelves in February, Star Wars: Darth Maul is a five issue limited series that will be set in the time before The Phantom Menace.  Serving as Darth Sidious’ apprentice, Maul looks to take down a cabal of bounty hunters including Cad Bane and Aurra Sing. Maul’s interest in this band of outlaws is linked to the syndicate’s possession of a rather unique prize; a Jedi Padawan.

Of course Maul isn’t out to rescue the Padawan for altruistic reasons, but rather so that Maul might execute the poor Padawan himself. Maul squaring off against a cadre of our favorite bounty hunters, including Aurra Sing and Cad Bane? Sign us up.

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Star Wars: Darth Maul  is written by Cullen Bunn and drawn by artist Luke Ross.