Josh Gad is still trying to get Daisy Ridley to give him answers about Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Actor Josh Gad is still thinking of ways he can get Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley to give him details on Star Wars: The Last Jedi….

Oh, Josh Gad, you sly fox you. The voice of Olaf from Frozen recently played a funny little prank on his Murder on the Orient Express co-star, Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley (Rey), by trying to get her to give up the top secret information surrounding Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Here’s the original video, in case you didn’t get to catch it the first time:

Funny, right? Gad wasn’t done, however, as he has posted an all-new video of another attempt to pry the secrets of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi from, well, possibly the last Jedi. Check it out:

You’ve got to love Josh Gad’s ingenuity here. I mean, this is obviously a scripted gag setup by Gad and Ridley to pass the time on the set of filming Murder on the Orient Express, but it’s still rather hilarious to see him try and trick her with fake lines for the film they are both starring in.

Hopefully, the sheer amount of effort Gad is putting into getting secrets about Star Wars: The Last Jedi from Daisy Ridley, will pay off for him, at some point. Otherwise, he’ll just have to wait until December 15, later this year, just like the rest of us.

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