The Star Wars Show Recap: There are no handrails in Star Wars


There are no handrails in Star Wars. Now, thanks to new information on our favorite galaxy far, far away, we finally know why no one cares about basic safety regulations in space….

On the most recent episode of The Star Wars Show, Lucasfilm Story Group gatekeeper Pablo Hidalgo took viewers on a tour through the set of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story during a segment on the show called Rogue One Reports. During the segment, Hidalgo spoke with Star Wars production designer Doug Chiang, who mentioned the lack of handrails. Check it out at the 2:21 mark:

As Chiang spoke with Hidalgo, you could hear the nostalgia in his voice for George Lucas’ original Star Wars trilogy.

"“That’s one of the iconic things that George wanted to establish in the Star Wars…there’s no health and safety. It’s this crazy thing where the minute you take away handrails or anything like that, it really kind of puts it into the Star Wars world.”"

There was a bit more news, as Del Rey books is releasing two posters for the final book in Chuck Wendig’s Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy, Empire’s End. The first is a look at Grand Admiral Rae Sloane (the trilogy’s main antagonist).

Image Credit: Del Rey

The next poster is a first look at Rebel Alliance pilot Norra Wexley.

Image Credit: Del Rey

These posters are fantastic, and I absolutely love the old-school World War II propaganda look of each one.

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We want to hear from you: Did you always notice there were no handrails in Star Wars? Are you excited to read the final chapter in Star Wars: Aftermath? Let’s discuss.