Star Wars: Han Solo will explore Han and Lando’s friendship and the Millennium Falcon


Actor Billy Dee Williams recently met with actor Donald Glover for lunch as the two talked about their shared character Lando Calrissian and how Glover would be able to bring a younger version of Lando to the big screen in the untitled Star Wars: Han Solo film….

Billy Dee Williams will always be Lando Calrissian. No matter how many films or television shows he’s been in, the character of Lando is what he is most known for, at least with Star Wars fans. Recently, the actor met with actor Donald Glover, in order to guide the young actor on how to best bring a younger version of Lando back to the big screen in Star Wars: Han Solo.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Willaims to ask him about that luncheon and to see if the elder statesman would divulge any secrets.

“I just never thought of anybody else being Lando; I just see myself as Lando.”

THR asked Willaims what he and Glover discussed during their lunch and Williams was happy to respond. The actor talked about how delightful and talented Glover is, and that the younger actor had many questions about how to best play Lando. THR brought up the fact that Glover has stated that he isn’t as cool as Williams, and the actor jokingly replied:

"Well, nobody’s as cool as me. (Laughs.) That’s a tough way to go. No, I’m only joking. Donald is eclectic, I think that’s really important particularly for the character of Lando. He is particularly eclectic in the way he approaches his art. When I talked to him I really got the sense of him being a worldly person."

Willaims was asked if he would be making a cameo in the Han Solo film, to which he replied he’s love to do if they asked him. Finally, Williams gave a fairly large hint as to the plot of Star Wars: Han Solo:

"Yeah, this one is about how we established our relationship and the question of the Millennium Falcon."

Well then, that certainly clears a few things up! If Willaims is right, then we can expect the Han Solo film to focus mainly on Han and Lando’s relationship, and how Han came into possession of the Millennium Falcon. Sounds fun!

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