Darth Vader Fights Buzz Lightyear In The Ultimate Showdown


When Buzz Lightyear lands on the same planet Darth Vader is on, a battle ensues that will go down in galactic history as the ultimate crossover showdown.

Two worlds within the Disney kingdom collide when Buzz Lightyear lands on the same planet Darth Vader is killing rebels on.

Pixar’s Toy Story universe already has a history with Star Wars references. Toy Story 2 is rife with Darth Vader parodies; the Evil Emperor Zurg, Buzz Lightyear’s sworn enemy, breathes like Vader and even has the same familial drama with Buzz as Vader does with Luke (Zurg is Buzz’s father).

But, as Vader’s confused reaction to Buzz calling him “Zurg” in the video below reveals, Vader and Zurg really aren’t the same person. And Buzz doesn’t find any fatherly mercy in the real Sith lord during their confrontation.

So who would win in a real battle between Darth Vader and Buzz Lightyear? Find out for yourself and watch the video made by Nukazooka below.

As expected, Darth Vader beats Buzz soundly. But Buzz holds up surprisingly well and manages to deal Vader a few crippling blows with his trusty gadgets and fists. In fact, if Vader didn’t have the Force on his side, I bet Buzz could have pulled out of the battle the victor.

But there is no getting around Vader’s ability to levitate and Force-choke. Fortunately for our toy hero, he survives the launch to planet Earth. There we see a cameo by none other than Buzz’s best friend in the Toy Story universe, Woody, who kindly replaces Buzz’s battery. Thus, the galactic ranger lives to fight another day. So perhaps he really is the victor.


Toy Story is perhaps one of the most fun creations Disney has ever come up with. It combines nostalgia with the pure joy of child’s play. “Nostalgia” and “child’s play” are effective descriptors for Star Wars, as well. The collision of the two worlds can’t be anything other than sheer fun.

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Thanks to Nukazooka for this amazing video. Here’s hoping for more Toy Story/Star Wars crossovers in the future.