Star Wars themed metal band Galactic Empire is a must listen


Since Star Wars: A New Hope was released in 1977, we have seen many, upon, many ‘Star Wars themed things.’ But I don’t think we’ve ever seen anything like Galactic Empire….

If you love Star Wars and metal (like I do), then you’ll love Galactic Empire. Hailing from Lancaster, PA, Galactic Empire plays in full costume for every show. According to their FacebookGalactic Empire features Boba Sett – Drums, Bass Commander – Bass, Dark Vader – Lead Guitar, Shadow Ranger – Guitar, and Red Guard – Guitar.

Galactic Empire just released an album of all the Star Wars classics we know and love: The Imperial March” “Cantina Band” “The Throne Room / End Title” to name a few. These guys have taken their passion for music and Star Wars to a whole new level. Look no further than their Kickstarter page where they’ve already surpassed their goal of $61,000. One look at the band’s goals, and you’ll see how much drive and passion they have for this. It’s simply amazing.

With this Kickstarter goal met, Galactic Empire will now be able to take their metal riffs from a galaxy far, far away, on the road. They started a tour in the UK on February 1, 2017, and will be there until February 16. No other dates have been posted, but I hope they do a full tour of the U.S. very soon.

What I love most about this (besides the excellent riffage), is how these guys took their band to the next level. Beyond playing shows every weekend, or only playing a once a month, these guys saw that their passion for music and Star Wars was bigger than that. Bigger than, maybe, some criticism from family or friends to “get a real job.” These criticisms can happen to people who just want to pursue the music aspect, but to include Star Wars, now that’s something of a different monster.

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It’s awesome to see Star Wars fans take their passion, for this beloved franchise, to the next level. Check out their album in the meantime, and stay posted to see if they will be coming to your city. May the Force be with you.