Disney CEO Bob Iger has seen an early cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi


Oh, the perks of being the CEO of Disney. Bob Iger confirmed on an investors call that he has seen an early cut of Star Wars: The Last Jedi….

Director Rian Johnson has been hard at work editing the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And, just recently, Lucasfilm gave Episode VIII an official title — Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With Star Wars Celebration 2017 still two months away — in April — many Star Wars fans feel the first footage for The Last Jedi will be shown there. So, for at least 60 more days, we’re left anxiously awaiting a glimpse into the next film in the Star Wars saga.

One man who isn’t waiting, however, is Disney CEO Bob Iger, who while on an investors call on Tuesday, February 7, stated that he had already seen an early cut of the film. Heroic Hollywood reports that Iger was pleased with what he saw:

“[Star Wars: The Last Jedi] is a great next chapter in the iconic Skywalker family saga.”

Notice Iger uses the terminology, “Skywalker family saga.” Many Star Wars fans have been endlessly speculating on who Rey (Daisy Ridley) might be. Is she a Skywalker? Could she be a Kenobi? How about a Palpatine? The theories are vast and varied and have kept interests in the new sequel trilogy very high, even though there are two years between each film.

Regardless of who Rey’s parents are, Star Wars: The Last Jedi promises to be an exciting and action packed film that will hopefully answer many questions left open ended by The Force Awakens.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is directed by Rian Johnson (Looper, Brick) and is, of course, being scored by legendary composer John Williams. The film is set to hit theaters worldwide on December 15, later this year.