25 Star Wars characters who should get their own standalone film

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1. Yoda

Ah yes, Master Yoda, his character is the most shrouded in mystery. He lives to be around 900 years old and is the only character of his species we see in any of the six Star Wars films he’s in (except Yaddle if she is like him) in the franchise. He is referred to as the wisest by Anakin, and very skilled at wielding a Lightsaber. Plus we see him do crazy things like rescue X-Wings that have sunk into ponds, move huge objects in an attempt to smash Sith Lords, and sit at the head of the Jedi Council. That’s just the beginning I’m sure, he lived 900 years!

I wonder if Yoda has more knowledge about the origins of the force and who was the first to discover it and use it. Do you think that the same person who first discovered how to use the force was aware of Dark and Light sides? If he was, what side do you think he used? Maybe it was Yoda himself? That’s what I have always kind of thought to myself. That he was more than just the Jedi leader, but a higher spiritual like a Buddha that has reached enlightenment. With all the other parallels to Buddhist philosophy, I think it would be a perfect fit.

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