Read an all-new excerpt from Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End


Han Solo buys fruit for a pregnant Leia while she works to save the galaxy in a new excerpt from Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End by Chuck Wendig.

The language of love is a many-faceted thing and even includes fruit. At least, where Han Solo is concerned.

The third and final installment of the Star Wars: Aftermath trilogy by Chuck Wendig, Empire’s End, soon releases in hardcover and e-book formats. To celebrate Valentine’s Day yesterday, the official Star Wars website released an excerpt from the novel featuring everyone’s favorite galactic couple, Han Solo and Leia.

Han and Leia are now married and Leia is pregnant with a son, Ben Solo: the future Kylo Ren. But at this point, the Solos don’t realize the danger the future holds. They are concentrating on cultivating a healthy pregnancy.

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Or, at least, Han is. Leia, as per usual, is caught up in the issues of the New Republic despite being near the end of her pregnancy. So while Han fights boredom by buying Leia fruit and worrying over her, the princess puzzles over how to aid rebels on worlds still under the cruel grip of a dying but determined Empire.

Read a couple snatches of the excerpt below.

First, Han brings Leia a gift (of sorts) to their apartment.

"“What did you bring?”Han winks, thrusts his hand down into the bag, and pulls it out again, gripping a jogan fruit. “Look.” He gives it a lascivious squeeze.She sighs, crestfallen. “Is that . . . whole bag full of jogan fruit?” “Yeah. Why?”“I cannot possibly eat that much jogan fruit.” “Sure you can.”“Let me rephrase: I don’t want to eat that much jogan fruit.” “It’s good for you.”“Not that good.” “The doctors—”“Dr. Kalonia said to incorporate jogan into my diet, not to replace everything with jogan fruit.”He sweeps up on her, cradling her face with his rough hand. He strokes her cheek gently. “All right, all right. I’m just trying to do right by you two.”“I know, Han.”"

Next, Leia muses over the problems facing the New Republic, which recently suffered a surprise attack by the Empire.

"In the aftermath of the attack on Chandrila, the New Republic was left reeling. Already the whispers arose: The New Republic cannot protect itself, how can it protect us? Already the accusations have been aimed at Mon Mothma’s head like turning rifles: She is weak on military presence and now she’s injured, how can she truly lead us? Leia and Han came back bringing a much-needed—if illegal and unexpected—victory for the New Republic at a time when it badly needed it. Yes, Chandrila was attacked. But they saved Kashyyyk. They ran off the Empire and liberated the Wookiees. It was a win. And it stopped the Senate from hemorrhaging loyal senators.She starts to say, “If we could aid rebels on each of these worlds—” “Mum,” T-2LC chimes in, literally thrusting his copper-shine protocol droid head in front of her. “You have a call.”“I’ll take it here.” She settles back down into the couch, then swipes the star map off the projector. A new image replaces it: the face of Norra Wexley. Once a pilot for the Rebellion, and recently the leader of a team of “Imperial hunters,” tracking down the Empire’s many war criminals when they fled to various corners of the galaxy to hide. She had helped Leia in a different capacity, finding her missing husband and helping Han free Chewbacca and his planet from the Empire. Now, though? Norra is out there looking for prey most elusive: Grand Admiral Rae Sloane."

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It’s good to see Han and Leia in a healthy and somewhat normal relationship. It was heartbreaking seeing them separated in The Force Awakens. I’ll take whatever moments I can snatch of the pair in love and as a family. Hopefully, the final Aftermath book presents several such moments.

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Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End releases in hardcover and e-book formats on February 21st, 2017. Look for our review of the book in the coming weeks.