Hasbro unveils new Star Wars toys


Hasbro has unveiled some of the new goodies that will get you ready for The Last Jedi.

Hasbro has given us, Star Wars fans, something to keep our attention until Episode VIII. According to Marcus Errico of Yahoo Movies, Hasbro will be releasing new deluxe Star Wars toys. These toys are expected to hit the shelves later this year.

This weekend is the Toy Fair New York trade show, which will feature many of the goodies you’re about to see. But first, let me ask you a question: have you ever wanted to become Poe Dameron? You know, that stud of a Resistance fighter, and the best pilot in the galaxy. Yeah, that guy. Well, you can’t really “become” Poe Dameron, but you can get a little closer by owning his helmet.

Image Credit: Hasbro

Full disclosure: I really didn’t pay any attention to Poe’s helmet in Episode VII. So, my first thought to this was “Why?”  But I stand corrected, this helmet is absolutely stunning. With the Resistance logo on the front and right side, this helmet should strike fear into any First Order sympathizers. This helmet is extremely detailed, and holds true to the one in Episode VII. Since cloning doesn’t exist, this helmet is the next best thing. Because if this doesn’t put you right into Poe Dameron’s cockpit, I don’t know what will. I wonder if I could convince my wife to look past the $100+ price tag (kidding, honey).

There’s even something for all the First Order sympathizers out there. This is the Nerf Glowstrike Stormtrooper Deluxe Blaster, which carries a $79.99 price tag. But this gun isn’t cheap for a reason, according to Marcus Errico:

"“a motorized weapon that rapid-fires 12 glow-in-the-dark darts accompanied by light and sound effects for maximum Resistance destruction.”"

Image Credit: Hasbro

Not only are there new toys coming out for the new movie, but there are also new toys coming out for the old movies.

Image Credit: Hasbro

Image Credit: Hasbro

Here’s an amazing Luke Skywalker from The Empire Strikes Back.

Image Credit: Hasbro

As you can see, Hasbro isn’t playing around. The three items you see above are being released for the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars. The lightsaber will have real movie sounds and carry a price tag of $179.99 (worth it). The lightsaber will also be another item added to the Black Series collection.

The Luke piece (right above) adds a new realm to the Black Series ora. It’s a part of a collection of centerpiece figures that are great for your desk or coffee table. To add to the already great imagery, Luke’s lightsaber also lights up. Awesome, right?

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The figures (in the featured image) are also a part of the, ever expanding, Black Series collection. They measure 3.75 inches and are made of titanium. They have a lot of work put into them and would be a great addition to any fan’s collection. I’m a huge of fan of the Black Series series. They always put out the best looking toys. I recommended buying these figures.

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Get stoked, Star Wars fans. New toys, the new movie, it’s not much longer now. May the Force be with you.