Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore” Episode Highlights


In Star Wars Rebels “Legacy of Mandalore,” Sabine Wren returns to her ancestral home to convince her Mandalorian family to join the Rebellion.

Star Wars Rebels returned to Disney XD after a month-long break with “Legacy of Mandalore.” As you will see from our list of highlights below, the episode was worth the wait.

Sabine Wren’s training with the darksaber is now complete, but she still has an enormous challenge ahead of her: convincing her family, Clan Wren, to join the rebellion. When she, Kanan, Ezra, and Fenn Rau arrive on her home planet, they are met with a less than warm greeting by Sabine’s brother Tristan and mother Ursa. They are not convinced that they should fight the Empire because Sabine wields the symbolic darksaber. But a betrayal by the Empire changes their minds.

Below is a list of highlights from the episode:

  • We meet Sabine’s family: Tristan, her brother, and Ursa, her mother and the leader of Clan Wren. We also learn Sabine’s father is a captive of the Empire, which is part of the reason Ursa continues to serve the Empire. Her husband’s safety is partially dependent on her loyalty to the regime. Tristan and Ursa are none to happy to see Sabine, but they agree to listen to her when she brandishes the darksaber.
  • Clan Wren fell from the grace of both the Empire and Mandalore when Sabine left the former’s service. She left because she realized the Empire used a weapon she helped design on her own people. But neither the Empire nor Mandalore saw that as a sufficient reason to “abandon” her family. Now, in order to regain their “status,” Clan Wren serves the Empire unquestioningly.
  • Ursa tries to trade Kanan, Ezra, and the darksaber to Gar Saxon, the Empire’s lead Mandalorian enforcer, in exchange for Sabine’s life. But Saxon betrays Ursa by accusing her of harboring rebels. A fight ensues between the Jedi, Sabine, Fenn Rau, and Clan Wren and the Imperial Mandalorians.
  • During the above-mentioned battle, Gar Saxon attempts to kill Ursa with the darksaber. But Sabine stops him, defending his attack with Ezra’s saber which he threw to her aid. A fierce duel follows, with Saxon tackling Sabine and propelling her through the glass windows of Ursa Wren’s mansion and out onto the banks of the frozen lake. Saxon and Sabine battle it out, and their movements take them out onto the frozen lake itself. Finally, Sabine gains the upper hand and the darksaber and threatens to behead Saxon, who is on his knees before her. But Sabine does not kill him. That may be the Mandalorian way, she says, but it is not her way.
  • As Sabine walks away from Saxon, he tries to shoot her in the back. But before he can fire, Sabine’s mother shoots him in the chest with her blaster. Saxon dies on the frozen lake, and Sabine realizes Ursa has finally chosen family over status.
  • As Kanan and Ezra get ready to leave the planet in The Phantom, Sabine reveals she is not going with them. Neither is Fenn Rau. The pair decided to stay with their people and help them unite. Someday, Sabine says, maybe they will join the Rebellion. She shares a hug with Kanan and thanks him and Ezra. Then the two Jedi, along with Chopper, take off in The Phantom.
  • Fenn Rau thinks Sabine should be the leader of Mandalore. But Sabine has other ideas. She does not believe she is meant to be the leader of Mandalore, even though she holds the darksaber. But intends to find the right person for the job.

This episode was epic. First of all, who doesn’t love Mandalorians? And second, “Legacy of Mandalore” featured some of the best character development of the series’ first season. I did not expect Sabine to choose to leave her rebel crew to help Clan Wren rebuild.

My only fear is we won’t see the results of her choice except maybe in some grand rescue of the rebels by the Mandalorians. In other words, I want to see her rebuild Clan Wren and unite Mandalore. I want to see her find a leader worthy of the darksaber. Hopefully, if Star Wars Rebels continues beyond season three, we will see Sabine’s adventures on Mandalore play out.

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Star Wars Rebels returns next Saturday with season 3, episode 17: “Through Imperial Eyes.”