Mon Mothma Wants To Unite The Rebels In Star Wars Rebels “Secret Cargo”


It’s all starting to come together in a new Star Wars Rebels clip, as Mon Mothma seeks the Ghost crew’s help in reaching a secret rebel meeting.

The Rebel Alliance is about to be formed in a new clip from this weekend’s new episode of Star Wars Rebels, “Secret Cargo.”

Or so it seems. Senator Mon Mothma hopes that her recent speech to the Imperial Senate inspired others to stand up and join the rebel cause. Now, with the Ghost crew’s help, she is on her way to Dantooine to take part in a secret meeting. There, she wants to forge an alliance between the pockets of resistance scattered across the galaxy.

Watch the new clip from “Secret Cargo” below.

Dave Filoni, the executive producer of Star Wars Rebels, said the show may tie directly into Rogue One eventually. “Secret Cargo” appears to be laying down the seeds for that crossover. It is probably too early yet for the crossover to happen, however. The Rebel Alliance we saw in Rogue One, however argumentative and fractured the different rebel pockets seemed, was still a single force. In Star Wars Rebels, the Rebel Alliance doesn’t even exist yet. Hopefully, it will exist by the end of “Secret Cargo.”

There are a couple of fun things to look forward to in “Secret Cargo” besides the rebel meeting. First, there’s Mon Mothma. I love Mon Mothma. While she only appears for a few seconds in the Star Wars films in Return of the Jedi and Revenge of the Sith deleted scenes, her presence is strong in the canon Star Wars literature. For example, in Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath trilogy Mon is the chancellor of the New Republic post-Return of the Jedi. I adore Mon’s integrity, wit, and calm demeanor. If I lived in the Star Wars galaxy, I would totally accept her as a queen.

Second, we will see Dantooine! This planet is infamous only for Princess Leia falsely identifying it as the Rebel Alliance’s main base. When the Empire sends probes to Dantooine tp verify her claim, all they find are the abandoned remains of what once was a rebel base. Those remains are probably the location of Mon Mothma’s meeting in “Secret Cargo.”

Finally, it looks like we will witness the formation of the Rebel Alliance. That’s a big step in the formation of the Star Wars story as we know it. We already saw how the Empire formed. Now it’s time to see the good guys pull it together and become that ragtag force we first met almost forty years ago in A New Hope.

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Star Wars Rebels “Secret Cargo” premieres on Disney XD Saturday, March 4th at 7:30 CT.