Del Rey celebrates Grand Admiral Thrawn’s return with 3 special editions of Star Wars: Thrawn


Author Timothy Zahn’s all-new Star Wars novel — Star Wars: Thrawn — is set to hit bookstores soon, and to celebrate the Grand Admiral’s return to Star Wars canon, Del Rey Books is offering three separate special editions of the book….

On Thursday, USA Today revealed an excerpt from author Timothy Zahn’s all-new Star Wars novel — Star Wars: Thrawn. The book is a retelling of Thrawn’s origins, showing him rise through the ranks of the Imperial Navy, to the status of Grand Admiral, while revealing connections to Anakin Skywalker, that were previously never mentioned.

Today, Del Rey Books has announced, via the company’s blog Unbound Worlds, that in celebration of Thrawn’s return to Star Wars canon, it will be releasing three different special editions of the book.

"It is important to note that the story in each of these editions is the same. We are not locking any story content behind an exclusive edition. All three have the same thrilling tale that chronicles Thrawn’s rise through the Empire to the position of Grand Admiral before his appearance during season 3 of Star Wars Rebels."

Image Credit: Del Rey

The cover above is the version that will be available in most books stores on April 11, for $28.99 (Hardcover). It can be pre-ordered through Penguin Random House.

The next version is a Barnes & Noble exclusive, featuring a black cover, as well as a double-sided poster that is folded within. On the poster, Thrawn stands in his full Grand Admiral uniform, staring down menacingly, while his personal Star Destroyer — The Chimera — looms overhead. The Barnes & Noble edition also runs $28.99.

Image Credit: Del Rey

Finally, Del Rey Books is celebrating the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, with an edition that can only be purchased at the Celebration. The front and back cover of this version of Star Wars: Thrawn features Thrawn himself, but with no text (like the other two versions).

Image Credit: Del Rey

Del Rey will be giving away an “extra special gift” with the Star Wars Celebration edition. However, what that gift actually is, has yet to be revealed. The SWC version of Star Wars: Thrawn is unavailable for pre-order, and will cost $35.

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