Chopper Acts Suspicious In A New Clip From Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid”


Something suspicious is going on with Chopper (well, more suspicious than usual) in a new clip from Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid.”

C1-10P has always been a strange droid, most often grumpy and always unpredictable. Still, he has been a loyal resource for The Ghost crew, always ready to do whatever they need from opening secured doors to downloading secret Imperial documents.

But in “Double Agent Droid,” Chopper acts stranger than usual. Based on the episode title and Chopper’s download of The Ghost‘s hyperspace records, which Hera usually erases from his memory in case he is captured, Chopper himself may be the double agent droid none of the rebels are looking for.

Check out the clip from “Double Agent Droid,” in which Hera first begins to suspect something is off with her once-faithful astromech.

Why is Chopper suddenly a double agent? The answer comes from a clip shown at the end of the latest episode Rebels Recon. The YouTube show produced by Lucasfilm provides behind the scenes looks at each new episode of Star Wars Rebels. In last week’s Rebels Recon, in which the cast and crew of Rebels talked mostly about last week’s episode, “Secret Cargo,” a clip of “Double Agent Droid” was shown. In it, an Imperial technician discovers that Chopper in his red and black paint disguise was present at several rebel incursions onto Imperial vessels. Thrawn already knew an “infiltrator droid” worked with The Ghost rebels, and his mention of it in a recent memo fuels the technician’s suspicions.

It would seem the Empire has discovered that Chopper is working for the rebels. To take advantage of this newfound knowledge, the technician may have reprogrammed Chopper to download sensitive information from The Ghost to send back to the Empire.

Of course, the only person who sees that something is wrong with Chopper is AP-5, Chop’s bickering buddy. AP-5 is himself a former Imperial droid, so it makes sense he spotted Chopper’s suspicious actions before anyone else. The question is, will anyone listen to him? Hera might, especially after she witnessed Chopper’s strange attitude in the above clip. And Wedge Antilles, who took Chopper and AP-5 with him on an infiltration mission, also surely knows all is not right with the astromech.

Where all these suspicious shenanigans will lead, we don’t know. Since we are reaching the end of the season, it’s probable that whatever happens as a result of Chopper’s hijacking will be important in the finale. Chopper may even be the source by which Thrawn finally figures out where the rebels’ base is.

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Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid” premieres on Disney XD this Saturday, March 11th at 7:30 pm CT.