Disney Shares Footage Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi At Shareholders Meeting


During a shareholders meeting today, Disney CEO Bob Iger shared footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in which Luke asks Rey, “Who are you?”

Apparently, it’s not too soon to wish for a trailer for the next Star Wars movie.

At a shareholders meeting earlier today, Disney CEO Bob Iger showed footage of Star Wars: The Last Jedi to the shareholders and attending press.

The meeting, hosted by Iger, showed shareholders in the Walt Disney Company the results of their investments as well as new goals for Disney’s future. It’s no surprise, then, that Iger previewed what will probably be Disney’s biggest box office haul in 2017.

Image Credit: Lucasfilm (screenshot via photo library Elaine Tveit)

Daniel Miller of the LA Times was among the press at the meeting, and he tweeted what he saw from the footage. Based on Miller’s description, the scenes shown did not spoil the plot of The Last Jedi in any way. Instead, the preview consisted of glimpses of the main characters and new landscapes.

Read Miller’s tweets describing the preview below.

Miller also tweeted that they saw an X-wing “wobbling mid-air, under attack inside a giant ship.” He also said the shot of General Leia showed her in military garb but she didn’t have any dialogue.

Miller’s description of the trailer reminds me of the first teaser trailer for The Force Awakens. It didn’t show much: shots of Finn, Rey, Poe, and Kylo, and a voiceover from Supreme Leader Snoke. But it sounds like more characters and locations were shown in this first footage from The Last Jedi.

Regarding Luke’s query, “Who are you?” I’m guessing it takes place on Ahch-to after Rey holds out Luke’s old lightsaber to him. Not knowing who she is, in this moment, doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t know her at all. If he knew her as a child, for example, he wouldn’t recognize her now that she’s all grown up. There is also the possibility that Luke doesn’t ask who Rey is, but that the footage was cut to make it seem that way.

In the end, the clip doesn’t reveal much about the plot or the movie or any of the burning questions fans have harbored since the sequel trilogy was first announced. But what’s more important is the fact this clip exists. It may be too much to hope we will get a trailer before Star Wars Celebration in Orlando in April. But as long as an early trailer remains a glimmer of possibility, we will keep an eye out for it.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi premieres in theaters on December 15th, 2017.