AP-5 Sings While Chopper Betrays In Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid”


Chopper’s system is compromised by a Lobot-lookalike Imperial controller in Star Wars Rebels “Double Agent Droid.” Read the episode highlights here.

Movie references and droid antics abound in Star Wars Rebels season 3, episode 19, “Double Agent Droid.”

When Wedge Antilles, Chopper, and AP-5 infiltrate an Imperial base to steal coordinates for the rebels’ upcoming attack on Lothal, an enterprising Imperial controller remotely takes over Chopper’s system. The Lobot-lookalike Imperial then tries to use Chopper to download the location of the rebels’ base from The Ghost.

Thanks to AP-5’s heroic efforts, however, both Chopper and the location of the base are saved. AP-5, too, is saved from a long, lonely float through space. But not before he breaks into song…

That’s right: “Double Agent Droid” contains a musical number.

Catch up on the highlights of this hilarious and fun episode below.

  • The voice of the Imperial controller who hijacks Chopper is from a celebrity actor. Josh Gad is best known as the voice of Olaf in Disney’s Frozen and as La Fou in the 2017 live-action Beauty and the Beast.
  • In this episode, Wedge Antilles canonized the term “refresher.” In Legends stories, “refresher” was the Star Wars name for “bathroom.”
  • “Double Agent Droid” references a classic musical movie. In the beginning of the episode, AP-5 and Chopper argue back and forth about “anything you can do I can do better.” Their dialogue riffs off the song “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better” from 1950’s Annie Get Your Gun.
  • Near the end of the episode, the Imperial controller uses Chopper to lock Hera, Ezra, Zeb, Wedge, and AP-5 in the cargo hold. Hera elects AP-5 to go outside the ship into space and manually release the hatch trapping the crew in the hold. AP-5 succeeds in his mission but just barely. Rogue Chopper, controlled by the Imperial, attacks AP-5 and sends the inventory droid floating through space. However, as he floats away from The Ghost, AP-5 feels an overwhelming sense of peace. As tiny pink space creatures surround him, he sings about how wonderful this new solitude is. And then, The Ghost crew, having restored Chopper to his real self and remotely destroyed the Imperial controller’s ship, “saves” AP-5. (Much to his disappointment.)

What did you think of “Double Agent Droid”? Don’t be too quick to discount it as “filler,” as so many fans tend to do with episodes that don’t seem particularly significant. Remember, the showdown between Maul and Obi-Wan Kenobi premieres next Saturday, March 18th. We may look back on “Double Agent Droid” as a welcome calm before the storm.

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