Watch the trailer for the Star Wars Rebels season finale: Zero Hour


The Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale will air this Saturday, March 25, with an hour-long episode titled “Zero Hour” which will see the fledgling Rebellion facing Grand Admiral Thrawn and the full might of the Empire….

 Star Wars Rebels season 3 is coming to an end this Saturday, March 25. The episode will be an hour-long and is titled “Zero Hour.” In this final episode of the season, the crew of the Ghost, along with the Rebel Alliance, will face Grand Admiral Thrawn over the planet of Atollon. Here’s the trailer, courtesy of Rebels Trivia on Instagram.

As you can see, Ezra is now flying Maul’s former ship, the same ship he took to leave Tatooine during “Twin Suns.” Ezra seeks out help from Sabine and the Mandalorians. His appeal to Sabine and her House seems to work, as we also see Ezra and the Mandalorians fighting alongside each other outside a starship during the battle.

“Zero Hour” will be broken into two 30 minute episodes:

Part 1: “In final preparations for their attack on Lothal, Phoenix Squadron’s plans are disrupted when Grand Admiral Thrawn discovers their location.”

Part 2: “Trapped on Atollon with the rebel base under siege, Hera, and Kanan fight to keep the squadron alive, as Ezra attempts to rally help from an unexpected source.”

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So, it appears that in part one, Grand Admiral Thrawn has finally found the location of the Rebels’ secret base on the planet Atollon, despite the interference of Ezra and Agent Kallus (now turned Rebel spy — Fulcrum) during “Through Imperial Eyes,” and he’s bringing the full might of the Empire with him. In part two,

In part two, it looks like Ezra gets Sabine and Clan Wren to help the rebels, but how many other Mandalorian clans choose to help, we don’t know yet.

Since “Zero Hour” is the season 3 finale, we might reasonably expect to lose a main character or two. Who that might be is anyone’s guess, but I surely hope we aren’t losing any members of the crew of the Ghost.

We want to hear from you: Are you excited for the Star Wars Rebels season 3 finale? Do you think we’ll lose any of the main characters? Let’s discuss in the comments below.