Rogue One producer John Knoll has idea for another Star Wars spinoff film


Star Wars fans everywhere rejoice, Rogue One producer John Knoll hasn’t run out of ideas for Star Wars spinoff films.

In hindsight, the success of Rogue One might have been a foregone conclusion, but before the film’s release continued spinoff films were hardly set in stone. Luckily, Rogue One was a massive critical and commercial success, and now it seems spinoffs aren’t going anywhere. The untitled Han Solo spinoff has already begun filming, but Rogue One producer John Knoll has another idea.

For those unaware, Knoll, an Industrial Light and Magic executive (the special effects house founded by George Lucas), came up with the original idea for Rogue One. 

Knoll presented the idea to Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy, and we were off to the races. Recently speaking to Screenrant, Knoll insinuated he might have one more ace up his sleeve.

"I do have one more idea that I may or may not pitch. I’ve got it about 3/4 figured out and if I can solve that last portion of it, I’ll see if Kathy’s interested. She may throw me out of her office."

Image Credit: Lucasfilm

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After Rogue One’s success, we’re fairly certain Kennedy wouldn’t throw Knoll out of her office, but it’s an interesting choice of words.

We aren’t sure what idea would be more radical than say, killing off your entire cast as they did in Rogue One, but Knoll certainly seems to think his new idea is a bit out there.

We can’t speak for all Star Wars fans, but Knoll certainly has earned our trust.

Hopefully, Knoll can get that meeting with Kennedy, and we can see another corner of the Star Wars universe. Just don’t kill everyone this time, please.