Rogue One as told by LEGO has a lot fewer deaths than the actual movie


Rogue One: A Star Wars Story as told with LEGO sets has a lot fewer deaths and thus a happier ending than the actual movie.

LEGO and Star Wars go together like blue milk and cookies. Both are founded on creativity and the joy of storytelling. So it was only a matter of time before LEGO made their own version of Rogue One, told entirely with LEGO minifigures and sets based on the movie.

This version of the standalone Star Wars film takes place in a boy’s bedroom. Here, the planet the half-completed Death Star “destroys” is a globe. The Death Star plans are kept in Daddy’s briefcase. And, predictably, the story ends much more happily for the main heroes than the film version.

Watch “Rogue One As Told By LEGO” below.

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One thing you quickly notice about LEGO’s version of Rogue One is the deaths. Or, rather, the lack thereof. Here is the story many of us secretly desire: the story where none of our favorite characters die. It’s an idyllic version of the film which, sadly, can only be experienced in our own personal world of make-believe. But let’s be real: the deaths of Rogue One‘s heroes made that movie memorable. That’s why we reserve idyllic storytime for playtime.

Another thing you notice is how many cool sets LEGO made for Rogue One. Let’s break it down: we have the Death Star, Krennic’s shuttle, the U-wing, the Imperial assault hovertank and the AT-ST. You can find all of these sets in stores and on the official LEGO Shop.

The original version of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is out on Blu Ray, DVD and Digital HD today.